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Nicho Sonido: Música for Grieving & Healing


Bonnie Ilza Cisneros/DJ Despeinada presents Nicho Sonido: Música for Grieving & Healing, a two-day ofrenda of all-vinyl sonidos to inspire ancestral memory and healing vibes at Muertos Fest 2021. The nicho installation, handmade by Sarah Castillo and crowned with plantita offerings by Evergreen Garden, is tucked on historic Hemisfair porch. Festival guests will hear songs of love & death from all eras with roots in San Antonio, South Texas, and Latin America. Free prints, while they last, of commemorative poster art by Rudy M. Herrera. Missing Our Muertos, a collaborative playlist comprised of the community’s song submissions will be published on Spotify.


Spotify Playlist 

Submit a song “shout out & dedication” to your muerto! DJ Despeinada is gathering a soundtrack for our lost loved ones called Missing Our Muertos community playlist that will be published on Spotify for Muertos Fest 2021. Include your name, the name of your muerto, the song title and artist, and a short shout out/dedication that will be published on later this month. 

Call for Submissions:

2021 Nicho Sonido Collaborators:

Visions & Vinyl: DJ Despeinada  ( IG @despeinadastyles )
Nicho Installation: Sarah Castillo ( IG @casarahcasarah
Plantita Offerings: Evergreen Garden ( IG @evergreengardentx )
Poster Arte: Rudy M. Herrera ( IG @rmhworks )


Debbie Vasquez

David Acosta /Bryan Texas

No Te Olvidare by Jimmy Gonzalez

No te olvidare! We miss you! He always played this song and I will forever always play it too. R.I.P. Dad 🙏 Debbie & The Kids

Brian Bonilla

Maria Rivera

La Migra by Vicente Fernandez

Te extraño mucho Mi Teeta

Bonnie Cisneros

Salvador Villarreal

El Pescador by Lila Downs

Salvo, we miss you and love you forever! 

Gisela Girard

Lester Bryant

What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye

Our community recently lost Lester Bryant. He was a mentor to many whose lives he impacted through his eternal desire to help everyone and bring out the best in everyone, making each and everyone feel special. Rest in eternal peace, Lester.

Javier Chipol

Santos Mozo

La Llorona by Los Pájaros del Alba

Xogapan no se olvida.

Arabella Daniels

Harry Bowles

El Paso by Marty Robbins

Carmen Vela

Victor y Mela

La Puerta Negra by Los Tigres del Norte

Les hecho mucho de menos. Espero que aún sigan bailando.

Monica Sosa

Petra Hernández “Polin”

On the Sea by Beach House

Thank you for still finding ways to guide our family. I love you so much 🌊

Velma Hernandez

Julio P Hernandez

Quiero Que Sepas by Los Tremendos Gavilanes 

This song IS MY DAD. I cry every time I hear it because can picture him with him lying in bed with his eyes closed playing guitar and singing this song. Miss you so much, Dad, and love you more every day.

Iole Scholl

Manuel Barbosa

Amor Eterno by Juan Gabriel 

I have the sunshine on my shoulders, a fist of four leaf clovers, but I still miss you!

Ilza Villarreal 


Melissa by The Allman Brothers

For The Late Great Oscar “Cuqué” Villarreal Jr. A Gypsy A Drifter and My Beloved Sad Clown. One day we shall meet again and laugh the days away in Eternity.

Dennise Frausto

Angela, Victoria, Pablo, Humberto

Murio la Flor by Los Ángeles Negros

Seeing my dad cry as this song played when I was a child is something that I always think of. He cried for his mom and I use it to heal and remember my abuelos y abuelas. Siempre los llevo conmigo.

Julie Boyette

William Boyette

One Tin Soldier  by The Original Caste

To my uncle Boo and father Bill, to my grandma Ellie and my cousin Camille. To all who came before me and all your loved ones.

Rose Rodriguez

Pascuala Neira Urriegas Rodriguez

Mi Nena by Little Joe

Yo queiro mucho, mi abuelita. When I would tell you I loved you in Spanish, you would just fill with so much love that I could hear it. Pascuala, grandma Nena, mi abuelita, this song is for you. I will see you in the calle!


Geniveve Gonzales

Hell of a Year by Parker McCollum

In honor of my baby girl GG, it has been a hell of a year one will never forgive. Love you always my sunflower!

Ernest Haynes

Haley Haynes

Un Puño de Tierra by Ramon Ayala

Ilza Villarreal

Virginia Ann

Meet Virginia by Train

Because you were Always So Ahead of Your Time and even though you didn’t get to live your life for that long, we still think of you today and all the fun times we had.

Gracie Borrego

Mike Borrego

Mi Árbol y Yo by  Freddie Martinez

This song is for my father, Mike, who planted all the first seeds that our little family has continued to water; with his continual blessings over the years.

Martha Hernandez

Mingo Ramos

El Hijo Desobediente by Antonio Aguilar

Teresa Hernández

Francisco T. Hernández (Mi Apá)

No Me Olvides by Lucha Villa

Lo extraño un chingo, Apá.

Ruby Rodriguez

Rodolfo Rodriguex

Yo Te Extrañaré by Tercer Cielo

Dad, we miss you always and love you forever.

Michelle Rodriguez

Rodolfo Rodriguez

September by Earth, Wind and Fire

Ruby Rodriguez

Rodolfo Rodriguez

Heaven Was Needing a Hero by Jo Dee Messina


Antonia Villafuerte de Betancourt

La Malquerida by Natalia LaFourcade

I dedicate the song to all the women in Guerrero, Mexico, and beyond who, like my Abuelita, Antonia Villafuerte Betancourt (rest in peace), are strong, independent, and wise. Con mucho amor.

Larissa Alcaraz

Rafael Carrasco

Rinconcito en el Cielo by Ramón Ayala

This was one of mine and my dad’s favorite songs.

Olivia Garcia

Julio and Yolanda Garcia

Amor Eterno by Rocio Durcal

Dedicating this song to my beloved abuelos. Hoping they're dancing forever in el cielo.

Olivia Garcia

Yolanda Garcia

Querida by Juan Gabriel

Special dedication to my abuela Yolanda: chingona, poderosa, second mother and best friend. Love you very very very much.

Brenda Golden

Esteban y Petra Garcia

Con Los Años Que Me Quedan by Gloria Estefan

Watching mis abuelos dedicate their lives to one another was un ejemplo para mi growing up. They supported each other in everything. His gardening, her loterias, his hunting trips, her love of garage sales, y más. I miss them every day.

Frances Carreon

Francisca & Valerio

Recuérdame by Carlos Rivera

To my paternal grandparents that I never met; I know you both are looking after your children and grandchildren.

Frances Carreon

Sofia & Donato Castellanos

Dreaming of You by Selena

Los extraño mucho y nunca los olvido. Miss you & keep you in my heart always.

Cristina Cruz

Aurelinda 'Mama Sofia' Ramirez

Ojala by Silvio Rodriguez

May her prayers continue to guide the village of loved ones she helped raise in that warm and welcoming yellow house. Her example and immense love continue to live on through each of us.

Gina Hobbs

Yolanda DeHoyos

Cruz de Madera by Michael Salgado

E built a wood cross and erected it. Memory of my beautiful mother at her ranch

Libby Rodriguez

Josephine Preciado

Que Casualidad by Ramón Ayala

My grandmother’s favorite song that reminded her of our grandpa.

Gina Hobbs

Yolanda DeHoyos

Come and Get Your Love by Redbone

My mom loved this song and the band. Reminds me of her every time I hear it.

Victoria Garcia

Serapio de Jesus Garcia

Sin Ti by Trio Los Panchos

I love you and miss you forever dad!



Drowning Chris Young

We love and miss you so much my sweet sister.



Romeos Distress / Christian Death

This was our last show together, I’ll never forget you riding off on your bicycle in your Hawaiian button up. Thank you for always being down and for always being a good friend.


José Ángel Sosa

Harvest Moon / Neil Diamond

The night before I got married Sandy called letting me know she had a dream. Harvest moon was playing in the background and you had a smile on your face while you watched us dance, so I added it to my wedding dance. Thanks for the message 💕



Slingo River Blues / John Fahey

I miss you so much my little flower compañera, but I hope you’re enjoying the sun wherever you are. Te quiero por siempre 🧡🐄🧡


Petra “Polin” Hernandez

Amor Eterno / Roció Durcal

One more for Polin, because you’re one of the reasons why my life is filled with music and flowers 🌹